Thank you for contributing to PyQUBO.

Propose a new feature and implement

  1. If you have a proposal of new features, send a pull request with your idea and we will discuss it.
  2. Once we agree with the new feature, implement the feature. If you implement a new module on top of PyQUBO, create your module inside the pyqubo/contrib directory.

Implement a feature or bug-fix for an existing issue

  1. See the issue list of github.
  2. Choose an issue and comment on the task that you will work on.
  3. Send a pull request.

Implementing unittests for your feature helps a review process.


If you already installed PyQUBO, uninstall it.

pip uninstall pyqubo

Install PyQUBO with development mode

python develop

Coding Conventions

  • Follow PEP8.
  • Write docstring with Google docstrings convention.
  • Write unit tests.
  • Write comments when the code is complicated. But the best documentation is clean code with good variable names.

Unit Testing

To run unit tests, you have two options. One option is to run with unittest or coverage command. To run all tests with unittest, execute

python -m unittest discover tests

To generate coverage reports, execute

coverage run -m unittest discover
coverage html

You will see html files of the report in htmlcov directory.

Second option is to run test using docker container with circleci CLI locally. To run test with circleci CLI, execute

circleci build --job $JOBNAME

$JOBNAME needs to be replaced with a job name such as test-3.6, listed in .circleci/config.yml. To install circleci CLI, refer to


Documents are created by sphinx from the docstring in Python code. When you add a new class, please create a new rst file in docs/reference directory. If the information of the class is not important for library users, create a file under internal directory. To build html files of document locally, execute

make clean html

You can see built htmls in docs/_build directory. When you write an example code in docstring, you can test the code with doctest. To run doctest, execute

make doctest